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Published on junio 22nd, 2009 | by admin


Veesual: A Simple but Impressive Search System that Enhances your Google Search Experience

There is no doubt that Google is one of the world’s most popular, user-friendly and impressive search engine that most Internet users love it. It has emerged from a university project to a world-class search engine used by millions of people worldwide daily. Google produces pretty fast search results but sometimes you would get bored by the boring black and blue text and links. This is when you should try a simple but wonderful search system which enables users to visualize the websites screenshot previews before their click it.

Currently still in beta version, Veesual is powered by Google Search, MooTools and Paypal. As you surf on Google, sometimes you would encounter a dead webpage when you click on a particular link. However, even the clever search engine isn’t able to detect that quickly. This is when Veesual comes in really handy. The main advantage with this tool is that you don’t have to access a link to figure out that it’s a “not found page” after you click it as there are thumbnails provided to every search result to allow you to see whether the website is active or not.


For example, you punched in the search query “TechXav” into the search bar and hit enter. Veesual will then grab a screenshot of the top 8 Google search results accompanied with their respective title and description. Yes, I find this impressive search system quite useful as I’m able to take a glance at the preview of the website first before I’m sure it’s something which I want and click on it. However, there is only one drawback with Veesual. It will take quite a while for the thumbnails to be loaded and the time taken is far too long as compared to the original Google search engine which generates results almost instantly.

It’s free and there are no irritating image ads.


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