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TwitVid Announces Availability of Fastest Twitter Video Application for Apple iPhone 3GS has announced the immediate availability of the video uploading application for the Apple iPhone 3GS. The app provides the fastest and easiest way to share video via Twitter. People without an Apple iPhone 3GS can add video to their tweets via The company also announced that users can automatically broadcast their videos and tweets to their Facebook, MySpace and YouTube profiles by simply setting their preferences on the website via the new AutoShare feature.

“Over the last year, Twitter users have told us that they want video to capture their life experiences and share them with their followers and friends as quickly and easily as possible,” said Mo Adham, Founder of “While speed and ease of use is important, they don’t want to sacrifice good video quality and reliable delivery in the process. They have high expectations because video on Twitter is playing an important role in their online social identity and is an extension of the creative way they communicate with their friends and followers. Video can even shape current events and ultimately history, as the recent Iranian election videos have shown. We’ve invested over a year to get to deliver the things people care about the most.”

Using’s patent-pending Instant Media Engine, the application delivers the fastest upload time possible, allowing Twitter followers and other social network friends to begin viewing the video even before the uploading process is complete. does this through the synchronous uploading and downloading of video files within the Instant Media Engine which intelligently adjusts to network performance and determines when viewing can begin based on when a quality viewing experience can be guaranteed. The result is the fastest possible delivery of high-quality video tweets.

TwitVid lets you tweet videos directly from your iPhone 3GS. Simply download the app from the Apple App Store at

1. Open the app

2. Select or Record a Video

3. Insert a tweet

4. Click Post and let your video upload

5. People can start watching it within seconds

Anyone else can Tweet videos by going directly to

Some companies have attempted to deliver services that enable people to post videos from their mobile devices through Twitter, but all existing options have their drawbacks. Streaming providers offer raw, live video, but many times quality is poor (e.g. stuttering, dropped frames, etc.) and most importantly streaming isn’t available on iPhones. Streaming solutions also lack the ability to allow you to edit a video before using an app to post it. Other app providers and even YouTube offer a way to post recorded videos to Twitter, but the process is slow, and there are typically long delays before a viewer can watch it. And YouTube doesn’t allow you to include a customized Tweet with your video. offers the ability to upload and view the video sooner than any other app. This is critical in the Twitter environment where users frequently want to post as quickly as possible, but don’t want to sacrifice quality, reliability and the ability to customize their video Tweets.

The Instant Media Engine is browser-based, so everything is done on the server-side. There is no client software or download required. is free and simply requires downloading the app at the Apple App Store or via the website.


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