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Published on August 25th, 2011 | by admin


Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Google+.

Google+ has caused a lot of commotion on the web – as it well should – and now that internet users are becoming more and more aware of how to use it, it is essential that we have a clear comparison of it with Facebook and Twitter, at least so we can better decide how to use each and know where to concentrate our efforts when using them.

Therefore, for today’s post, we will be comparing the three in terms of usability, reach, relationship focus, sharing and so on.


Facebook vs. Google+ vs. Twitter 

Facebook vs. Google+ vs. Twitter

Other points to consider:

1. Growth Rate and Popularity of Google Plus vs. Twitter:

So far, it seems that the acceptance rate of Google Plus is much more when compared to Twitter. While Twitter was able to gain 10 million customers within 780 days, Google Plus gained the same number of customers within 16 days. This is the remarkable success of Google plus making it one of the most credible and popular websites.

2. Simplicity and User Web Interface:

Just like Twitter, Google Plus is a very simple and website easy to use. Moreover, Google Plus is very attractive and is able to easily obtain customer attention. When you log in to Google plus, there are variety of opportunities available to you; you can easily access to mail or online web documents. The search engine facility is also provided by Google Plus. Thus it can be said that Google Plus is integrating various services under one umbrella. Finally, Twitter’s interface is “dull” and “redundant” when compared to Google Plus.

3. Ease of Use and Robustness of Google Plus vs. Twitter:

Although both channels offer various convenience factors to their users; Google Plus is quick and robust, providing variety of opportunities to the users and saving their precious time. On the other hand, Twitter is more or less targeted towards the business segment thus provides various convenient factors to their users. People do not only connect to their customers, clients or partners, but they can also market their products and services effectively on the website. As marketing is one of the most expensive aspects of businesses, Twitter is serving this expensive need of the businesses for free.

4. Compatibility of Google Plus Vs. Twitter with Applications:

Compatibility with the other applications is one of the most important features that are appreciated by most of the users. Twitter is compatible with the latest mobile applications and its users can easily get connected to the website and their networks with the help of their mobile devices. This is not yet the case with Google Plus. Initially, Google Plus cannot be used on the mobile devices.

5. Social Networking Features:

The social networking features of both social media channels are very exciting to users however, when it comes to Google Plus, there seems to be more room for change and improvement which can not be replicated or imitated for Twitter.

Finally, which of the 3 mentioned social media channel do you prefer to use so far? And which do you think will grow obsolete soon if major changes are not made towards improvement?

Looking forward to your insights and comments down below…

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