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Published on junio 14th, 2010 | by admin


The iPhone 4 and the Video Marketing Revolution….!!

The moment I saw Steve Jobs unveil the new iPhone 4 at WWDC on June 7th, my eyes lit up in anticipation of what to expect from it as an online marketer. Thankfully, I can say that the new iPhone 4 is an online marketer’s dream come true courtesy of its superb video recording functionality.

No Flash, No Worries

I have no hesitation in saying that I disliked Apple for banning Flash. While Steve Jobs and Company had their own concerns about the openness of Flash, it is one of the most widely used technologies in order to launch online marketing campaigns. Flash takes user interactivity to an altogether different level by combining audio, video and animation to create a mesmerizing effect.

While the iPhone 4 won’t have flash, it makes amends by providing a state of the art video functionality. This opens up the avenues of video marketing, video emailing and video chatting to customers.


The iPhone 4 comes with a 5-Megapixel camera with LED-Flash. There’s an advanced backside illumination sensor which helps click good quality pictures even in low light conditions. Further, the front facing camera makes it easier for you to focus on the subject while taking photographs.

The iPhone 4 Camera is capable of shooting high-resolution pictures and 720p videos. After you’ve recorded a video, you can use Apple’s iMovie video editing tool to customize it. iMovie allows you to add music, photos, titles and a theme then send it to your friends and family in high-quality HD formats.


It’s fair to say that FaceTime is the heart and soul of iPhone 4’s video capabilities. The FaceTime video calling software comes bundled as part of the iOS 4 software. Just a gentle tap on your iPhone and you can have a video chat with your customer. It works on the WiFi interface and only between two iPhone users. It also means that FaceTime video chat is heavily dependent on carrier’s network performance. None the less, it’s a very handy application which opens up numerous possibilities for video marketing. On a related note, Apple is planning to make FaceTime open source so that it can be used as a cross-platform video conferencing tool.

FaceTime allows you to switch between the front and back cameras, thereby making it perfect for hosting video demonstrations of products.

Two Mics

Not just two cameras, the iPhone 4 has two mics as well. There’s one at the bottom of the phone for normal calling and video commands and another one at the top for FaceTime video calls.

The two mics drastically improve the overall audio quality during a call by suppressing noise and canceling echo from the surrounding environment.

Lack of decent video capabilities have been a thorn in the flesh for iPhone lovers for several years. However, that’s set to change for good with the introduction of iPhone 4 – a device perfect to bring about a long-due video marketing revolution. As a staunch Apple loyalist, I’m looking forward to buying the new iPhone soon in order to use it for my next video marketing campaign!

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