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The FSF Offers Web Video Publishers a Helping Hand.

Wondering what’s happening in the world of free, open-source video on the web following this summer’s browser codec support meltdown?

The folks at the Free Software Foundation have ascended the dias to give us a broad update on the status of open video in the browser and the likelihood of seeing the widespread proliferation of plugin-free video experiences any time soon.

The Foundation’s report cites recent browser share data showing that a full 24% of the web can view Ogg Theora videos embedded in HTML5 web pages right now. But the real revolution, according to the FSF, doesn’t just involve watching a video on Dailymotion, Archive.org or YouTube without the Flash plug-in. It involves actually publishing those videos yourself, on your own site, without the need for any intermediary content hosts.

There are some “tricky” things you’ll need to do before hosting your own videos, which the FSF outlines:

  1. Edit your .htaccess file so your mime types will be set correctly and your videos will display properly.
  2. Enable others to link directly to your hosted video file, as they would an image.
  3. Set fall-backs for browsers that don’t support Ogg Theora playback using the <video> tag. The FSF recommends a short-term workaround for IE and Safari of using Cortado, a video wrapper written in Java.

The group also provides a set of instructions for enabling your visitors to upload their videos, and how you can re-encode people’s videos using free tools built on the Theora codec.

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