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Showdown of the 3 Internet Browsers.

Browserwars1Safari, Firefox and Opera have been around for a while on the net. The 3 browsers have their own fair share of users, and the browser war is just warming up, with each grabbing new people who just got released onto the arena because of that browser.

The 2nd Browser war is on fire.

Why are you using IE to view this blog? Well, there have been quite a number of controversy which sparked off stating why IE6 Must Die for the Web to Move On or Why You Should Dump Internet Explorer?

Now, let’s more on to the more serious stuff…

“Where the crap is Chrome?”

I am so sorry, I always thought that Google likes Mac users. Apparently they think it is wise to release the Mac version at a later date. Damn!

On to serious and realistic stuff…



Apple has been known for their “zen-like simplicity”. It also applies here. Safari is downright simple. In its default state, it has only 3 columns- one for all your web browsing needs, the middle one has your bookmarks listed nicely, while the bottom one has your tabs. Default? You can edit the top bar to what you need. It is so darn useful… Here’s a thousand words to explain it.

Safari customising toobar

You get my pun? Thousand words? Picture? Never mind…

But really, this is awesome. You can customize it to your needs. Can’t read small words? Just throw in the enlargement button. It’s simple, and it creates your “personal” browser. It like games. People like different control methods, and Safari certainly give you that.

What’s more is that its RSS feed seems to give it yet another edge up. The folks at Apple arrange it very well. Take a look at this screenshot.

Safari RSS

It is easy to use, easy to read. If you want to use a proper RSS app, you can tell safari to speak with the app. Personally, I use Mail, but I don’t mind reading from here.

Download HERE. (for windows too)



Features of Opera include tabbed browsing, page zooming, mouse gestures, and an integrated download manager. Its security features include built-in phishing and malware protection, strong encryption when browsing secure web sites, and the ability to easily delete private data such as cookies and browsing history by simply clicking a button.

Sounds great? Now, tab browsing is everywhere nowadays, page zooming is also a must-have for a browser, mouse gestures has been done with a addon already, and a download manager is not that special. Now, look at their way to show your history.

Opera messy



This is the most battle-hardened of all 3 browsers. It is the only browser which proved that Internet Explorer is bad. However, it is now old. Will it survive?

Short answer: Yes. Well, I personally feel that Firefox is the best browser out there in the market (Hasn’t tried Chrome yet, sorry). YOU CAN DO IT WITH FIREFOX! Add-ons or extensions are rampant, and if you can’t find a feature you want, just wait 1 month and you will get it. It is simply the best. Once again, it is a proven fact that if you let the community do what they want, they will deliver.

Via.Tech.Xav.by Reuben Wang

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