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Posterous, an Awesome Tool for Your Social Networking Craze.

image Arguably, “mass-broadcasting in real-time”, “media-rich contents” , “social communities” oare the main ingredients in Twitter era that we live in.

Unfortunately, with the democratization of social networking, citizen journalism and blogging come along with many technical challenges as well as point solutions to overcome them. I spend a tremendous of time to find solutions that suit my needs and I am very happy that Posterous is very close to answer my requirements.

For newbie, Posterous.com can provide a mini blogging platform that you can post photo, video, text, etc.. on a personal Web address e.g. http://sitename.posterous.com. But advanced users can find many innovative features that make their lives easy too.

Beside the Web blog hosting, Posterous differentiates with the traditional blog hosting in many ways:

  • In addition to post entries from Web, user can send email with photos, video attachments to Post@sitename.posterious.com
  • The cool AutoPost feature allows user to set the connection to various social networking sites as well as popular Blogging platform (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, Flickr, YouTube, etc.)  Any published post will be pushed immediately to the selected Social networking sitesimageFor posting via email, you can send to post@sitename.posterous.com and have the AutoPost send to all other sites or selectively push to some of them, e.g., Twitter+Flickr@sitename.posterous.comAll contents are stored on your personal Posterous site (which can be set to be Private or Public). I have not tested all the scenarios, but here is what I found so far: depending on the media type and chosen Social networking sites you can either find link or content posted there.
    On Twitter, only links are posted (duh!) – On my WordPress blog, the photo is posted in a new post and link to video (when you take several photos in to the same folder, only the first photo is shown) – YouTube has the video posted in my account and download .mov file on Posterous – On Flickr, photos are posted in the photostream – For Laconica based sites (open source microblogging) only links are posted.
  • post iphoneLast but not least, the coolest part is the new free Posterous iPhone 3G S client called PicPosterous. The client app allows me to snap pictures, video store in the same folder or new folder and instantly upload to Posterous. If you setup the AutoPost feature on at folder creation then all your contents are posted subsequently and automatically to all your chosen Social networking sites.The folder feature is nice when you want to snap a series pictures for a live blogging event or a trip. All the pictures will be shown in one flash-based slideshow.

Overall, I think Posterous is simple and works flawlessly. I wish it could offer photo caption / comments in addition to the title (folder name) and the option to whether post links or contents to social networking sites.

During the test, I sent few emails to the support team and they were very responsive to come to my rescue. Highly recommended!!


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