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Published on junio 1st, 2009 | by admin


Next-Gen iPhone Screen Shots Emerge

The Internet has delivered what purport to be screen shots of the new iPhone. They appear to confirm what had previously been rumored new features, such as a compass and video capture. But are they real?

The pictures come from a web site in China. I’d say the chances of these being legit are as likely as the chances of them being fake. Call it 50/50 either way.

What they show are screen captures of a new feature that has been talked about for the next-generation iPhone: A compass. Why is this feature reserved for the next-gen iPhone, and not available as an iPhone OS 3.0 upgrade to current hardware? There’s no magnometer in the current iPhones. That’s what pegs this as a next-gen iPhone feature. Compasses are no-doubt handy, but does anyone other than boy/girl scouts use them?

Another screen capture shows what looks to be a new version of the iPhone’s camera, complete with auto-focus. In the screen shots, you can see a box in the iPhone’s viewfinder that is where the iPhone is focusing. There’s no word if it works similar to the Samsung Pixon12, which has a touch-based auto-focus feature.

Other features show the iPhone being used in video-capture mode, and the voice recording software that was already seen in previous versions of the iPhone OS 3.0 beta.

The authenticity of these pictures is debatable, but if they are real, they show some promising new features for the iPhone.

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