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An Experiment In Music Sharing – Social Media Mixtape.

The Future Buzz is a place where I help more than just communications professionals and businesses with their internet marketing.  I also try to create content and conduct experiments that photographers, musicians and creatives who produce digital media of any sort can learn from.

I write frequently that social media and artists are a natural fit.  I’m not just pontificating, as an artist who personally embraces creative commons as a promotional tool, I have firsthand experienced the positive effects the web has had helping my music spread.  In fact, without the web I would have a total of zero listeners.

With that said, today I thought I’d try something different.  I created a mix of music specifically for readers here to share some of the artists I listen to when writing this blog (and even threw in one of my productions).  Grab a free copy below:

Download:  Adam Singer – Flicker of the Future (you may need to right click and choose ’save as’)


1.  Trentemøller – While The Cold Winter Waiting
2.  Frou Frou – Flicks
3.  Ulrich Schnauss – Nothing Happens In June
4.  Rei Harakami – Come Here Go There
5.  Adam Singer – Follow Me
6.  Apparat & Ellen Allien – Do Not Break
7.  Pole Folder – Scared To Lose
8.  Autechre – Nine
9.  Air – Once Upon A Time
10.  Lemon Jelly – Expriment Number 6
11.  Röyksopp – Röyksopp’s Night Out
12.  Select Start – Eternal Wind
13.  Rachel Lamb – By Heart (Trafik’s No Fear Dub)
14.  Fragile State – Every Day A Story
15.  Aphex Twin – Meltphase 6
16.  Ulrich Schnauss – Stars

Licensed under creative commons 3.0 attribution, mixed in Ableton Live

Personally I think music and blogging complement each other, my best writing is done while listening to jazz/electronic music.  Maybe you do something similar with your genre(s) of choice?

Normally I’d post something like this over at my music blog, but I’m curious how far a mixtape can spread in social media, and there are significantly more readers here as there are on that blog.  Harder to conduct experiments over there, plus I want to track the results of this to share what happens, if anything.

That’s the reason for the title of this post – I’m sharing it directly with an audience of people I know are active in social media.  If this audience likes something (not just on this blog, but anywhere) they are likely to share it.

If nothing else I thought it might be interesting to share some new artists with you today, as it’s so often forgotten how simple the web makes it to share music.  If you like any of these artists, go out and support them.  As an aside, I’m always open to making recommendations on specific albums if you ping me or leave a comment.

In 300+ posts to this blog I have never directly promoted my music, so I’m especially curious to see what happens as I feel there is a gap between my internet marketing web presence and my artist web presence.  Two different audiences, definitely – but there is much to explore in my own experiences as a digital artist that can help other artists looking to market their work.  After all, this blog is about helping everyone create buzz.

Maybe you’ll create a mixtape and share it with your network too?

image credit:  ekosystem via flickr


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