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We’ve heard over and over how social media is like a relationship: you have to nurture and sustain it. You need to be generous and forgiving. You need to listen and be nice. You should be honest yet loyal.

It sounds like we’re saying that we want brands to fall in love with its customers in the same way that customers fall in love with brands.

Well, what if brands aren’t looking for love? What if they’re looking for one-night stands or maybe even friends with benefits? What if, like roaming gigolos, brands are incapable of love and simply doing what they do best: quick moments of pleasure?

Over the past month, I’ve heard marketing directors lavish kind words on social marketing. They want to use it for their brands and recognize that something is afoot with customers. The marketers look over plans, give the go ahead to initiatives but within a few weeks, inevitably ask: «How is this going to raise sales in the next two months?»

When you start with a social media following of zero, using social media to raise sales in the next month or two is a huge, and sometimes unreasonable challenge. It is not a short-term tactic, turned on and off at will and whim. You need to be in it for the long haul, for the relationship.

Marketing Lotharios want to look at social media as the roses they take to dinner to seduce their dates. Look great, smell great, big impact and dead after a week. No, social media is like a rose bush, not a single rose. It takes lots of care, pruning and attention.

Are customers and social media advocates just plain unrealistic? Maybe we won’t find this love in brand relationships and maybe we should just settle for quickies.

As a marketer who uses social media, I think the best course is to build the short term sales promotions in parallel with social media and be very clear with clients that they need to commit to social media for six to twelve months, at least, unless they have some larger push or event to connect to. This two-track approach gives everyone a chance to get what he or she wants.

Most of all, it shows the impatient marketers that, in the end, love is really worth the wait.

Of course, some brands will never get this. They’ll come on to the scene, dashing and exciting. After a few years, they’ll need a Logo tuck, and then later a Brand augmentation. They’ll evolve into a stretched out image of their former selves.

While, hopefully, the brands in love will have a long, two-way relationship despite all of their wrinkles.


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