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Published on diciembre 1st, 2010 | by admin


Is Gen-Y A Generation of Opposites..?

The more I read about Gen-Y and the more I observe my own actions and those of my fellow Millennials I can’t help but wonder how utterly different we are.

Though everyone in a sense represents of a series of attitudes and actions and ways of life, it’s those minor and smaller factors that are having an extraordinary impact on just about everything that defines us as Gen-Y and Millennials.

Over the last week, 3 articles in particular stood out. And they stood out in a way that is quite opposite and contradictory to how this same age-group grew up within previous generations. “Opposite” itself might not be the best used word here, but it does allow us to take on an interesting viewpoint.

The reason why these 3 articles stood out will be more than self explanatory. And I’ll let the titles initially speak for themselves.

A Millennial Vintage: 7-Eleven Fills in Proprietary Wine Line-up with Cherrywood Cellars Varietals

  • There has been a significant surge and boom within the Millennial generation for the want of wines. Call this what you want, a sense of differentiation, sophistication, vintage elegance or nostalgic effect. The reality is Gen-Y is definitely purchasing wines in a continuing and growing trend. So much so that your local convenience store is specifically targeting them.

Survey: Half of Gen Y would rather text than drive

  • It’s nothing new to see that cars and Gen-Y don’t mix. It’s very much an oil and water relationship. Gen-Y are buying cars significantly later in life simply because cars don’t mean the same thing they once did in generations past. Aspects of environmentalism, financial circumstances, a different sense of freedom and a mindset that believes and wants to do more with their time are all imperative characteristics into why Gen-Y is choosing to drive less. For Gen-Y, cars are an item in their rear-view mirror. Yes, pun intended.

Opera: Gen Y screaming ‘encore’ for the mobile web

  • Gen-Y and the web are an ying and yang relationship. You won’t stray too far from one without encountering the other. What’s absolutely fascinating is the manner in which Gen-Y is accessing the web. The mobile web is increasingly becoming the starting point and main point when accessing the web. Though the article here is based on a global perspective where many other issues come into play, such as mobile web access being the cheapest and most accessible means to the internet simply because broadband, laptops and PCs are not a reality for many people around the world.  The mobile web, in a reciprocating relationship with smart phones and tablets, are becoming Gen-Y’s preference.

The intriguing reality is that these are but a few examples. There is a plethora of characteristics and examples that define Gen-Y as a very different and unique set of individuals. Don’t get me wrong here, these actions are not exclusive to only Gen-Y. The most important factor here is the differentiation that exists within our wants, thought processes and beliefs of freedoms. In a sense, it’s all very much a sense of “opposites” to what it all once was.

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