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Influence Marketing by Sam Fiorella and Danny Brown (Book Review)


This week I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Sam Fiorella, co-author of the book Influence Marketing: How to Create, Manage, and Measure Brand Influencers in Social Media Marketing at an event hosted by Sean McGinnis and Gini Dietrich (who I *finally* had the pleasure of meeting in person!). That’s Me, Gini, and Sam in the picture.

Sam teamed up with Danny Brown to write this book. Danny is also one of my favorite people in social media for his innate ability to call BS and not just doing it to get attention.


Situational Influence


Influence Marketing explores a new model of marketing: Situational Influence.

Early influence marketing efforts were aimed at “celebrity” endorsements. Companies targeted users with large followings, whether or not they were recognized as an expert in the marketers industry.

When Klout came onto the scene there was a shift to Social Scoring. KredPeerIndexand TweetGrader also provide social scoring.

Other services go beyond scoring to identify influencers. Appinions and Little Birdhelp you find and connect with influencers on a wide range of topics.

With situational influence, marketers must consider the factors that impact the customer’s decision making process as they move from awareness to purchase. Personal, economic, environmental and emotional factors must be considered and how other messages can interrupt the messages you are sending to potential customers.

Instead of reaching out to influencers based on social scoring, hoping they’ll amplify your brand’s message, situational influence starts with the customer.

The customer-centric model focuses on identifying the impact of influence from those people already in the customer’s social graph. You also need to understand how other messages can interrupt the messages trying to reach potential buyers.



The Four Ms of Influence Marketing

Mixed in with detailed case studies and practical advice, Sam & Danny lay out the 4 M’s of influence marketing:

Make – Start with the customer and “make” influencers by determining who will spread your message and impact potential customers.

Manage – Influence marketing campaigns must be managed from start to finish like any other marketing campaign.

Monitor – Brand’s must use listening tools, analytics, and more to learn how they message is being shared and received.

Measure – Campaigns must be measured for actual results. Brand’s must learn which tactics work and which didn’t to apply to future campaigns.

Influence Marketing: The Book


Influence Marketing


Scoring people based on follower counts and social activity is not a formula for succcess. Current influence marketing models miss the real target: the customer. Find your customers to find the influencers at each stage of the purchase cycle.

This book teaches companies, personal brands, or anyone trying to spread their message what influence is, how to measure it, and how marketers attempt to use influence as a marketing tactic. It describes in detail the many social, economic and situational factors that impact the effectiveness of an influence marketing campaign.

The book not only offers plenty of advice on how to be successful running an influence marketing campaign, but gives in-depth review of tools and platforms available today to put it into practice.

Influence marketing is, obviously, a book about marketing, but community managers and anyone using social media to build their audience will find it beneficial.




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