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Published on agosto 15th, 2009 | by admin


Google Caffeine – What You Should Know.

Google recently announced the “Google 2.0″ – The next generation Google search engine to compete with the likes of Bing and Facebook.

Google is and has always been a work in progress in the thought that they frequently changed little things in their gigantic algorithym for how sites rank, how pagerank is decided, and the usual. Today, things are a little bit different because Google has unveiled what is going to be a totally new search engine from the inside, although it looks like the normal old Google on the outside.

The new search engine is dubbed to be faster, more efficient, be able to crawl and index pages faster, and provide more accurate results. While it isn’t completely finished yet (and many big algorithym changes that have been launched in the past are not fully transfered yet such as algorithyms that make recent posts rank higher), Google has infact let the public visit a web developer preview of the new search engine here:


At the current stage and time, they are looking for developer feedback on the differences between the “public google” and the “google caffeine” results.

Whether or not you submit your feedback, it is interesting to see how your sites will rank when the Google Caffeine infrastructure is moved into the real google.com in the “next few weeks and months.”

This Google update is huge from a search engine optimization and link building standpoint because everytime new algorithyms and infrastructure changes like this happens, it shows what types of SEO are truly long term and beneficial, and what practices to avoid.

This is a guest post by Collin LaHay who is an search expert optimization expert that blogs about link building, and helps teach people how and where to build links to increase their rank in the search engines.


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