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PrimoPDF and font Embedding

Font embedding means that font information is included directly within the PDF file. Embedding fonts ensures the PDF can be viewed or printed on any computer, with text appearing exactly as it does in the original file. Embedding fonts can increase PDF file size (since more information needs to be included), but can be helpful in certain cases, depending on how your document is to be used.

There are two levels of font embedding that PrimoPDF supports, depending on which profile you choose:

  • No embedding. PDFs with no fonts embedded are much smaller than those containing embedded fonts, since no additional font information is stored in the PDF. PrimoPDF’s Screen profile uses no embedding and is ideal if your document contains common fonts available on most computers, or if small file size is of utmost importance.
  • Subset embedding. When fonts are subset, only a portion of each font is stored within the PDF, namely the characters required to properly reproduce the original. PrimoPDF’s Print, eBook, Prepress and Custom profiles use subset embedding, and are recommended if your document uses specialty fonts, or in cases where visual quality is more important than small file size. (Refer to the PrimoPDF User Guide for more information regarding the differences between these profiles.)

When working with PDF files created in other programs, you may encounter a third level of font embedding:

  • Full embedding. Full embedding includes the entire font within the PDF. This increases file size significantly, but is useful if the PDF is intended for editing using a PDF editor, or for long-term archiving.


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