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How To Plan Your Monthly Facebook Page Strategy.

This is Day 30 of the 30 Days to 3,000 Fans program. You can learn more about the program here.

-Appointment Book Icon-There’s an old proverb which says “He who fails to plan, plans to fail” and while there are people that will debate the importance of planning, mapping out a guide for the next month will make things a lot easier.

What blog posts will you be writing? What content will be most effective to drive new fans to your Facebook? What steps will you take to promote your Facebook Page? While we’ve listed 29 techniques to boost your fan base, have you really taken advantage of all the suggestions we’ve made?

By putting aside a little bit of time ever month to plan what the best next steps are, you will come up with some new promotion ideas as well as determine what are reasonable expectations.

How Much Time Should You Spend On Your Facebook Page?

After reading through this guide you may think that developing your Facebook Page takes countless hours. Honestly it shouldn’t take more than a few strategic minutes per day. Most of the tasks outlined shouldn’t take a substantial amount of time. The most time consuming component of building your Facebook page is providing relevant content. Spend some time determining what blog posts your should write over the next month.

Set up Google Reader to follow the most relevant resources and repost any article that you find interesting directly on your Facebook Page. While you can always spend more time on your Facebook Page, it’s possible to spend too much time on your page. In economics there is something called the “Law of Diminishing Returns” and that law applies to time you spend on your Facebook Page. The first few hours are extremely important but as you over invest, you will not only take time away from other marketing activities but also decrease the number of new fans per hour invested.

Line Up Tasks And Execute

While you can accomplish many of the tasks outlined in a short period of time, space out each task so that you have time to accomplish each step well. I personally use an application called Remember the Milk to plan out my tasks over a longer period time. One huge mistake that I used to always make was using my calendar as a method for planning tasks that need to be accomplished. Tasks lists are useful because you can go through them and mark them off without cluttering up your schedule. While you may aim to have an article completed by a specific day or an upgrade to your Facebook Page, things tend to change and you can adjust due dates as necessary (although adjusting due dates is a sign that you have too many tasks and need to start delegating).

Plan Well And Sleep Well

I spent the first year and a half after starting my company under an immense amount of stress as my inbox became bloated and I became an organizational nightmare. While there were numerous opportunities I found it difficult to prioritize. More recently I developed a system which works for me and that involves a combination of two things: a calendar and a to do list. As I mentioned moments ago, putting tasks where they should go will remove a lot of stress in your life. You have the potential to grow a fan base well beyond 3,000 but none of that can be done without proper planning. The only way to get there without planning is to not sleep for months on end as you attempt to balance a million tasks.

Develop a content schedule and a task list for items that you would like to add to your Facebook Page.

Daily Task

Take the lessons learned over the past 30 days to develop at least 5 tasks and begin to plan out a content schedule. As I’ve stated repeatedly throughout this program, content is critical to your success. If you drive an immense number of fans to your page, the easiest way is to create original content. While you’ve already come up with a few headlines for articles you can write, develop a schedule for writing and posting them.


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