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Published on octubre 8th, 2009 | by GAby Menta


Facebook Vs Twitter Round 2: A Comparison Of The Top Users.

-Twitter Facebook Logos-A little over six months ago, we performed a comparison of the top users on Facebook and Twitter and the number of fans and followers on each.

Six months later, the top Twitter users have experienced a 500 percent growth in their follower base whereas Facebook fans have grown by approximately 200 percent.

Facebook however has a much greater overlap, a continuing trend that we saw a few months ago. Below, are charts of the top 50 users on each site and the number of followers or fans on the competing site.

Top Twitter Users
-Top Twitter Users Chart-

Top Facebook Users
-Top Facebook Pages Chart-

Twitter Is Catching Up To Facebook

The most dramatic difference between the numbers from only six months ago is that Twitter’s top users almost have as many followers as Facebook’s top pages. Facebook’s top pages were previously 5 times as large as the top Twitter users, but now that number has decreased significantly. What we can’t derive from this data is the percentage of followers or fans that actually read the content published by each user.

Twitter Is Slowly Filling The Gaps

Last time around, a large percentage of the top Facebook users didn’t even have a Twitter presence. This time, 30 of the top 50 Facebook users have Twitter accounts. Many of those Twitter accounts are unofficial and those that are official don’t have updates much of the time. Compare that with the top Twitter accounts, which all have Facebook Pages for the most part. If you have numerous followers on Twitter, there’s a much greater likelihood that you’ll have a large number of fans on Facebook.

While there isn’t as strong of a correlation between top Facebook pages and Twitter users, the correlation appears to be growing slowly.

Twitter Has Ballooned

What’s most impressive about the data above is that the top Twitter users have experienced massive growth in their fan base. So what’s the reason for that? Robert Scoble would most likely point to “suggested users” lists that pops up every time you register for the site. While that may be the case, it illustrates how Twitter is growing like crazy. Yes, Twitter is just a feature within Facebook, however it’s hard to ignore the rapid growth of the site.

Anything Else?

This is clearly not an in depth analysis of a the two companies. However tracking the top users on the site can often be a good indication of broader trends. While there are lots of other statistics available, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit stats we developed six months ago. Are there any other trends that you can see from this data? Nick O’Neil

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