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Published on agosto 7th, 2009 | by admin


Email Marketing – How With Large Audiences…?

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Like I said in my previous post email marketing campaigns must be accurately pitched. “But how can I do it if I have to reach a large audience?” Well keep in mind that:

You are not alone
First of all you have to understand that you don’t have to do all the work alone.

  • You can reach influencers within the target groups you are aiming at and if you do it right, if your content is relevant for them and if you paid attention in pitching them as they would like to be pitched… then you’ll have a better chance of having them helping you to spread the word among their communities.
  • You can become part of the community, engage and join the conversation with other members, share/add value, gain respect and trust. Once you are in that sweet spot your voice will be certainly heard.

It takes the time and effort needed
Forget about all those anonymous email addresses that are sitting in some faceless databases. There are no magic recipes or silver bullets behind successful marketing campaigns. What you’d better do is to focus on what are the essential points of your communication strategy (you have one right?!) and guess what? To do it properly it takes time, effort and commitment (especially if you don’t want to follow the previous suggestions and you prefer going solo).

You have to be honest and transparent
This is easy and simple. I can’t add much to it other than reminding that in any case, no matter what, you must be honest and transparent about your aims and what you are trying to communicate. Cut the crap and don’t get trapped like Marcus Krzastek did when sent me an awfully bad email pitch to promote Gary Vaynerchuk’s book. (BTW Gary is a person that I know and respect. He is a great guy and I’m sure he learned the lesson. I wish him the best for his future projects).

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