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Published on March 21st, 2010 | by GAby Menta


Copy iTunes library from a PC to a Mac.

move itunes library from pc to mac

If you’re moving from a PC to a Mac, then you’ll probably want to move your iTunes library with it.

This will cover moving an iTunes library from a PC to a Mac using iTunes 9 and iTunes 8 by consolidating all music files into a single transportable library that can then be copied over to your Mac.

Move your iTunes library from a PC to a Mac

* From iTunes, go to Edit then to Preferences
* Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab, select the checkbox next to ‘Keep iTunes media folder organized’ then close the preferences
* Go to the File menu, then to Library and select ‘Organize Library’ (In iTunes 8 it’s Consolidate Library)
* Now you need to locate your iTunes library. Do this by navigating from the Edit menu to Preferences, and back to the “Advanced” tab
* You will see the iTunes library location specified here, now that all your music is consolidated you will want to move this folder to your Mac’s home Music directory
* Launch iTunes on the Mac, it may take a few moments while it gathers the new library information

If you have other music in your Macs iTunes directory be sure to back that up before copying over the files from the PC so you don’t accidentally overwrite any files. I have done this a few times for myself and a couple friends who have made the switch to Mac and always follow this method, but it wasn’t until I stumbled on SweetMacTips that I realized we hadn’t covered this here before in the context of a PC to Mac switch. If you just want to move your iTunes library to another location on your Mac it’s a pretty similar process.

Happy switching!

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