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30+ Funny & Weird Twitter Applications.

twitter-hashcloudsAll thanks to the presence of a handful of influential celebrities such as Barack Obama, Ashton Kutcher and Oprah Winfrey, the folks at Twitter wouldn’t have enjoyed a taste of success without their help in garnering more people to join the micro-blogging platform. As a result of Twitter’s phenomenal growth, the number of Twitter applications and tools has become extensive. Most of them are pretty useful such as TwitPic, TweetLater and TwitterFeed. However, there are quite a number of applications out there that are weird and funny to a certain extent.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of 30+ Funniest & Weirdest Twitter Applications Ever.


Dubbed as “one of the weirdest Twitter application you’ll ever use”, it helps you post some toilet humor by telling the world what you’ve just done in the cubicle in just 3 simple steps. Select a variety of disgusting clip-arts of what “big business” you’ve just done on the throne. Some of the funny ones includes “A Sticky”, “A Veggie” and “A Neverending Story”. Next, choose the place where you’ve done your daily routine. For example, at home, at work, in the street, in my pants (LOL), somewhere secret and the list goes on. Last but not least, punch in your Twitter credentials and a decription will then be posted to your profile with a link.


Secret Tweet

Secret Tweet is an anonymous secret Twitter application that enables users to share their secrets anonymously on the micro-blogging platform. This works something like Twitter + PostSecret.


Curse Bird

The weird factor of Curse Bird is that it’s a real-time feed of people swearing on Twitter. It shows explicit tweets with contains vulgarities such as “fuck”, “shit” and “bastard” by grabbing the latest updates from the public timeline. What’s more is that it even provides a seven day overview of these foul language being used for the past week in a graph.



Zzzz is an interesting visualization mashup that looks for tweets containing the words ‘Zzz’ or ‘Zzzz’ and then renders it as shown in the image below to give it a great visual appeal. It’s provides an eerie atmosphere as the words start coming out from the birds’ mouths at a slow pace accompanied by a dark background.


Click & Win

Click & Win is a lottery based contest on Twitter and to win a prize, simply click on their tweets. Only one click per lottery per IP address is allowed and the lucky winner will be prompted to enter his or her email addresses in order to claim the prize. Currently, the prizes are $10 Amazon.com Gift Certificates. The folks there have planned to include fabulous prizes in the future when the participanting rate shoots up.


Tweet What You Eat

Tweet What You Eat turns your Twitter account into a food diary designed to answer the simple question, “What did you have to eat today?” It uses the social networking website to allow you track your food intake, calories and weight from just about any device including your mobile phone, IM or the web. Since the launch of Tweet What You Eat in January 2008, numerous improvements have been made to the service including the development and launch of the internet’s first crowd-sourced calorie database called CrowdCal. This enables Tweetwhatyoueat to auto-fill un-caloried entries in user’s food diary with calorie values submitted by other members of the community.



TweetyPants tries to determine how smart (“smarty pants”) your Twitter friends are. In principle, it will empower you to furnish a Twitter username and then see how the person ranks when it comes to three different parameters: “Style”, “Shizzle” and “Smarts”. Of course, this site is for entertainment only. Don’t consider a computational analysis of a couple of 140 character tweets to be all that representative of reality.



Tweet60 is a program akin to an away message or status update, telling people what you are doing (or, at least, what you want people to think you are doing). This innovative service is secure and easy, just provide a few details after you’ve logged in to your account and your Xbox Live status information will automatically update 24×7 with no further intervention needed on your part.


TrackThis offers modern package tracking via email, text message or even social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. After you start using one of the services, you’ll enter a tracking number and a nickname for a package. The clever system will continually monitor the package and each time the package changes location it will send you a notification. Currently, it supports popular carriers such as UPS, Fedex, USPS and DHL.


TwitLOL lists humourous tweets on its website. The tagline for TwitLOL, “LOL in under 140 characters” says it all. For example, “A day without sunshine is like night.”. If you like it and wants to add some humor to your boring tweets, you can share it with your friends or co-workers on Twitter to brighten up their day. Users can even submit their own funny phrases too.


Weird Habit

Weird Habit lets you share your weird habits on Twitter and displays all updates posted by users on the main page itself. It’s indeed a great and interesting way to confess all and let the world see how strange you are.



Twrivia is a twitter trivia application that asks you random questions. Be among the first five to answer a question and you would be awarded multiple points. Correct answers sent after that would be awarded 1 point each. You have 12 hours to answer a question.


Tweet My Gaming

Tweet My Gaming is a we-based application that compiles video game conversations from Twitter in real-time. Powered by the gamerDNA Helix API, avid gamers are able to find out the hottest games available across all platforms. With this site, you can gauge how popular a particular game is from a line graph and a counter which states the number of tweets posted by users for the past 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month or all-time.


Commuter Feed

Commuter Feed is a free service that lets you post reports on traffic and transit delays in your local area using Twitter. It works for any city that has an IATA airport code worldwide. New York, Portland, London, Tokyo. You can post for anywhere.



Do you owe someone a drink? Well, Foamee is a free service that helps track who you owe beers or coffee to (and vice versa) using the popular messaging service, Twitter. When you owe someone a beer, send a message to Foamee in the format “@ioubeer @twitterscreenname “reason beer is owed”. Your IOU will then show up on the Foamee homepage for all to see. You can check who owes YOU a beer by visiting the “People” page on the Foamee site. When you’ve paid back the beer that you owe, the recipient can post a “Redeemed” banner next to your IOU post so everyone knows you’re a man or woman of your word.



TwittyPop enables users to vote for the hottest boy or girl on Twitter and when he or she receives tons of votes, they will then bubble up to the top. It’s indeed a fun way of discovering new people on Twitter, increasing your followers, sending out a crush notification, or checking your own popularity.



Inner Twitter asks what is in front of you? In answering you reconnect to your original happiness because to answer you must stop during your ordinary activities and turn your attention to immediate reality. Stopping releases the tension that builds up as you rush through the day. The effect of simply stopping can be profound.


DrunkTwt is an open twitter account to which anyone can post an update. Of course, you don’t get to gain access to the account! Anyway, users are able to post anonymous, uncensored twitter updates with only 115 characters instead of the usual 140 characters. Well, this site is designed for you to post anything you want to say when you are drunk. However, with such open sites, it would encourage spammers to post spammy updates.


Find Love on Twitterverse

Currently in beta, this free service enables Twitter users to “Find Love on Twitterverse”. To me, this shouldn’t be known as a match-making application for Twitter. Why? To find a “suitable” partner, you would have to punch in a keyword that describes something you really love. The system will then generated a list of Twitterers that are known to tweet the very same words will crop up. Dubbed as “Possible Love Birds”, 15 users will be listed for each query made.

What made me laugh was that the developer warns users that “This website is not affiliated with Twitter. If you can’t find *the love* don’t blame us. We’re just here to make people smile!”


Mainly for those who are passionate in cooking, Twecipe is a simple tool that gives you recipe based on the ingredients you have. For example, you’ve banana, eggs and milk at home. The clever bot will then churn out the most suitable recipe from its database. To receive better recipe suggestion, follow Twecipe on Twitter and send some ingredients. After which, it will give you the perfect recipe through the direct messaging feature.



There is no doubt that smoking is bad for our health. But there are still millions of people in the world who are still addicted to smoking. Well, if you’re one of them, then I would suggest you to quit smoking NOW! Qwitter is a social tool designed to help you quite smoking. Wit this site, you can easily keep track of how many cigarettes you smoke each day, keep a journal of your thoughts & feelings as you strive to smoke less, view your progress over time and even share this information with others who can support you.



Tweefight is an application developed for all you egoistic twitter users. This site relies on the Tweerank, a rank which is assigned to any Twitter user and that is calculated by an algorithm which takes into account of the number of followers, following, tweets, replies and the list goes on. You win a fight if your Tweerank (at the time of the fight) is higher than the Tweerank of your “enemy”. The more fights you win, the more your Tweerank grows, too. The Twitter user who beats the current World Champion will become World Champion and he/she is featured on the Tweefight Home Page.



Dubbed as the “time-waste of the day”, TwitterLit is a site that serves up literary teasers twice daily. At 9:00 AM and 9:00PM Eastern Time creator Debra Hamel post the first line of a book, without the author’s name or book title, but with a link to Amazon so readers can see what book the line is from. Why? Because it’s fun! The posts are also available for subscription via RSS, Twitter, Identi.ca, and email.


Twitter Nonsense

Twitter Nonsense is a (almost) daily comic strip created by Tony Gigov which features interesting and funny comic strips related to Twitter. Some of they keywords he use includes “tweet”, “following”, “follow friday” and many more.



Twaction was created by Tyler Reed out of boredom and the willingness to play around with the Twitter API. Although the site doesn’t change the world, it was to fun to create and might be fun to mess around with. Think of it as SuperPoke for Twitter.



FlipMyTweet is a fun and creative Twitter applications that helps you flip a line of text upside down and tweet them.



Developed by Jim Gilliam and Jesse Haff, Act.ly is a free and simple application aims to help Twitterers create petitions and make use of the large community to sign them.

To start a petition, simply identify a target by entering in his/her Twitter username and then type in what you want the person to do or not to do. You signed the petition by tweeting it and anybody can sign it too by just re-tweeting it. What’s more is that the person which you’ve targeted earlier on will be able to view the tweets in their mentions. He or she has to click on the link and log in with their Twitter account to respond. The system then sends a DM to the person who started the petition to verify if it’s completed.



Here’s another fun and weird Twitter application. Basically what Overheard.it does is that it grabs the latest tweets which start with the word “overheard” and on the main page, you can read what others have eavesdropped.



With TwitterMosiac, you can view your Twitter friends or followers all in big picture. By collecting all the avatar images from your Twitter account, Twitter Mosaic brings things to life in a more personal way (and you can even get this Mosaic printed onto mugs / t-shirts etc).



I’m sure that you’ve heard before of a calculator that estimates the value of a particular blog or website by taking consideration of Google PageRank, Alexa rank, number of RSS subscribers, etc. However, you may be surprised when one can even find out how much is his or her Twitter profile worth. Using an algorithm of its own, TweetValue calculates the the value based on the public information available on your Twitter profile.


VoiceBoo Verified

VoiceBoo Verified is a new and social way to verify users by using their voice. It uses the power of the Vooices Technology Platform to create a VoiceBoo Verification Seal on a users Twitter Page which can be checked and verified at any time.

Some of you guys may find this site useful but from my personal point of view, I find VoiceBoo Verified a little weird. Why? First of all, Twitter has already launched its Verified Accounts program mainly for celebrities and companies so that their fans are able to know whether the profiles of their idols are genuine or not. For an ordinary person like you and me, I’m sure nobody would bother much if his or her account is ‘real’ and authentic or not. Besides that, the process of verification is by dialling a phone number, punch in a personal keycode and say a random phrase. The phrase that has been said on the call is then saved against the users account and the community then vote on VoiceBoo whether the phone recording sounds like the person in question, giving confidence to the profile.


TwitMarks is a twitter app that tries to guess your gender by analyzing your tweets. Simply punch in your Twitter username on the textfield provided and try it out!



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