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Published on septiembre 1st, 2012 | by admin


10 Top Tips for Using Google+.

Throughout the summer, we’ve been sharing 10 simple tips for utilizing Google+ over at Creative Sandbox.

We know our agency partners juggle a lot at once, between the RFPs and last-minute campaign launches, traffic reports and research studies — and we’ve been on the lookout for ways that Google+ can make your day a little easier.

You can check out today’s final post on Google+ — and we wanted to share the full list here:

Get inspired

  • Follow interesting people — See what industry experts, colleagues, peers and competitors — as well as celebrities, photographers and your friends — are sharing publicly. Check out these suggestions:
  • Host focus groups — Get immediate feedback and insights from consumers via a Hangout. Have a face-to-face conversation online, as if you were in the same room.
  • See how your work gets shared — See the earned media effects of a campaign by entering a URL or YouTube video into Ripples, which show how posts are shared and reshared on Google+.
  • Review portfolios — Can’t visit every job fair? Host a Hangout to give live feedback on advertising and marketing students’ work. Announce ahead of time on your Page.

Make communication easy

  • Meet with clients — Connect with your clients on a Hangout to review new initiatives, get feedback on creative or even hold a planning meeting. Utilize Screenshare or Google Docs to jointly view proposals.
  • Manage projects — Trying to keep everyone informed on your most recent project? Keep the team in the loop by creating a Circle just for everyone involved.
  • Communicate with clients — Organize your contacts by client or even industry in Circles so you can share insights with the most relevant audience.

Build your brand

  • Lead the way — Host a Hangout On Air featuring influencers in your agency to shine a spotlight on research, share case studies or provide insights on trends.
  • Show and tell — Have a piece of stellar creative you’ve completed or a great insight you just discovered? Share it on your Page and start a discussion with others who might learn from your experience.
  • Be seen on search — Give your stamp of approval to articles, videos and research that you would recommend with the +1 button. Your friends will see your recommendations when they search.

Want more? Download the full booklet and share it with your coworkers — or even hang it at your desk! And if you have your own tips and tricks for using Google+ as an agency, share them today over at Creative Sandbox with hashtag #g+toptips.

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